Department Of Binary Affairs

We are


We are a collection of oddballs that have worked in a variety of contexts. From small teams to large ones, from startups to behemoths, from complex data processing pipelines to NFC entry systems, and more. We’ve had our finger in every pie. So to speak.


Probably the most important factor of our success has been the ability to collaborate. With each other, with businesses, with communities, with end-users. In fact, it’s a big part of the reason we formed a co-operative to begin with and it’s intrinstic to our identity.


There’s very little we’re not interested in, we’re able to adapt ideas, disciplines and technologies to achieve whatever is required. The more difficult or outlandish your problem-space is, the better, we’re keen to rise to the challenge.

Hire us to

Tell you not to hire us

Often people want to hire us to do complicated stuff they don't really need. Pay us for a few days to point at the simple things you should do instead, and maybe buy us a nice dinner.

Be your technical co-founder

Save yourself time by having us plan and build an MVP to prove your idea, leave a codebase people wont want to bin after a year. We'll even help you build a full-time team around it.

Take your idea forward

We want to help you get shit done. We love to deliver incrementally, collaborate closely and celebrate progress as we go.

Get you out of a tight spot

Sometimes things are on fire, maybe we can help put it out...

The Team


Mountaineer, cyclist and typer-at-a-computer. Doing a mix of Dev and Ops since before DevOps was a thing.


Vegan, cracks bike cranks with powerful legs. Eventually consistent.

Work with us to ship your next big thing